Aubrey Joins The Girls Club & D. Woods Going Back to MTB?

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While doing some press at The Dirty Awards last night D. Woods gave ambiguous answers to questions about Danity Kane’s future, but once again pumped up her group The Girls Club which she claims is the “official female replica of the Wu Tang Clan”. Rumors have been circulating that Aubrey would be joining the group and D. Woods finally confirmed the addition to the group.

“She will be joining The Girls Club and we’ll be working on the next phase of our career.”

Peep how she froze when Bossip asked if she was RETURNING TO MAKING THE BAND.

D. Woods froze up at the accusation that she is returning to the next season of MTV’s Making the Band. When told, “We heard that you were going back to Making the Band next season,” she displayed a surprised grin on her face and immediately went on the defense. “Who told you that?” she replied. “A good source.” In a catty tone she then says, “We’ll whoever told you that should have told me first.” We immediately asked again, “So, are you going back or not?” Avoiding the question, she quickly turned and asked if there were any more questions.

Hmmm, nothing adds up in this equation. Either way, both groups are wack in their current state and probably won’t be able to get a gig on the Chitlin’ circuit after a while. Check out the members of D. Woods Girls Club below.


  • Hannibal


    I thought Aubrey was coming out with her own reality show and album? But whatever if she wants to join Girls Club more power to her. And if D. Woods wants to go back to Danity Kane more power to her!

  • Hannibal



  • me


  • Triple T

    I can’t wait to see this. It might be pretty interesting. But are they going to rap or sing or both?

  • Rock Witchu

    a female wu tang??? are they serious???? LOL

    but, at the same time, it would be even funnier if they blow up bigger than danity kane. LOL

  • Mrs. Rance

    Good luck to The Girls Club I guess. Aubrey needs to go solo and a reality show is a good idea for her since she is buck wild.

  • Oshie - Hay Kanye! I see you! Waddup!


    I’m counting on you. Send all of these hos to their room with no supper. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN.

    I’m embarrassed for all of us.


    hey yall please support the girls club as for making the band’s next season i’s news to me and i have no plans to return unless it’s to showcase the girls club. peace and love DW

  • Oshie - Hay Kanye! I see you! Waddup!

    I’m very upset about this.

  • Maybeline

    Geez…they are so corny…

    I hope Danity Kane keeps the remaining 3 memebers. It’ll limit the drama & cattiness. Besides D. Woods seems hell bent on making that carny @ss group of hers work.

  • The Real Jackson Brothers

    These groups are irrelavent, but D Woods is sho nuff fine!

  • dayg715

    besides, DK is dead without D. Woods and Aubrey anyway.

  • b'more

    D. and her girls’ club shouldn’t connect themselves to MTB at all. establish an identity of your own without Diddy. he wasn’t doing anything with DK, and he damn sure won’t give the girls club any shine. the best thing D. can do for herself is to stay away from diddy.

  • Frog-a-licious


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