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Did Rihanna Get Her Rack Done? I’m Not Obsessed

Vanessa Williams Gets Her Salad Tossed Flisted

Penelope Cruz’s Topless Cousin Lossip

Naomi Campbell Has Even More Enemies Celebslam

Paris Hilton is a Monkey The Blemish

Jennifer Lopez is Indeed Pregnant Dlisted

No Cents Cancels European Tour Hollyscoop

“Gum Drop Head” Dame Dash is Still Trying To Make Movies Sick Hop

Britney’s Bodyguard Snitches and Manager quits Cele|bitchy

Tracey Morgan Strong-Armed Jimmy Fallon in SNL skits Evil Beet


  • I Stay SMH
  • Senator Craig

    You woke a brother up with this …

  • Senator Craig

    What kind of job do you have, SMH? And are they hiring? ROTFLMBO … Sideshow Bob! Haha … I’m cryin’ like CRAZY?!!!!

  • Senator Craig

    This new layout and Amy Winehouse have one thing in common … both of them are a HOT MESS!!!!

  • http://WWW.SUCKIT.COM **80_RUBIES**


  • http://WWW.SUCKIT.COM **80_RUBIES**

    I Stay SMH



  • Senator Craig

    I think she’s smokin … not as hot as you, Ms. Rubies, but I am actually feelin’ the before picture. She looks innocent in the first pic – but she looks hella experienced in that second pic – like she knows she’s have dudes all up in her mix and all.

  • kelis

    I think they might be fake… Even if u push your natural boobies up, they don’t have that large crease at the top like she has… On another website they were saying she was wearing that foot cast to draw attention away from her new boobs… who knows?

  • I Stay SMH

    why e’erybody keep bringing up my j-o-b.

    for real, is my boss behind this comment mess?

  • I Stay SMH

    UGH! I’m bout to release a blind ass item bout old ass dingbat actress with no phone manners!!!!

  • me that's who

    so what she bougt some titties, hell i could have sold her some of mine!! NEXT!!

  • me that's who

    HOW DO tits look like tylenol???? lmmfao

  • me that's who

    just looked @ her chest again, and they DO LOOK LIKE SOME DAMN ASPRIN TABLETS

  • me that's who

    i am so hurt by this new format, i think imma go drink myself into a stupor

  • me that's who

    wtf, why when i get on here nobody else is here????? how imma know my ppls here if yall ain’t interacting with me

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