Beat The Case: 10 Famous People That Avoided Some Super Serious Jail Time

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Celebrities That Escaped Major Jail Time

Jail is absolutely the worst. No matter if you're a celebrity or a regular Joe, you want to avoid it like the plague. These celebrities were lucky enough to avoid the major time in the clink even though there was a ton of mounting evidence that should have locked them away. Thank their lucky stars. Congratulate these people...just don't run into them in the streets.
jay-z Jay-Z - He lost his temper, beat up a guy in the club and almost went away for a while. Imagine how different his life would be if that happened.
diddy trial Diddy - Shyne took the rap for him when things were looking like Diddy would hit the clink for firing shots in the club.
oj OJ Simpson - think he did it?
boosie Boosie - He's FREE!!! GET RATCHET!
mj Michael Jackson - He ain't touch those kids...eff those wannabes.
ray Ray Lewis - He was accused of stabbing someone during Super Bowl weekend. But he can tackle so let the man live!
casey anth Casey Anthony - She wasn't even famous until she went to trial for killing her baby. Still, she got off for some damn stupid reason.
r kelly R. Kelly - You spanked the monkey at the video of him peeing on a teenager so you should go to jail. But he got off even though we all know it happened!
tiny Tiny - She and T.I. were going to smoke weed in the Maybach. They got caught but T.I. ate the case for his boo.
snoop Snoop - Murda was the case...and he beat that mofo to death!
kb Kobe Bryant - That fast ho tried to trap him with a rape charge. But even though he was not guilty, his marriage was never the same.

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