Where’s My Line? The Most Jacked Up Celebrity Hairlines Of All Time

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The Worst Celebrity Hairlines Of All Time

Hairlines. They're hard to keep up. As people will tell you, when that hairline starts to go, you might as well forget it and go bald. But some guys (and ladies) hold on for dear life. When that happens, the hair line leans back like Fat Joe. Want some photo examples? Here they are. Jacked up hairlines in the history books.
carlos boozer Carlos Boozer - Dude's hairline is so busted that he spraypainted it to get it together.
lebron LeBron James - That headband won't last forever, Bron.
john legend John Legend - We're just ordinary people with inordinate hairlines.
naomi Naomi Campbell - That booger sugar will make hair fall out something serious.
mj Michael Jordan - That hairline held on for dear life! He accepted the baldness.
dmx DMX - Jail will jack up a hairline like no other.
plies Plies - No wonder he keeps the fitteds on.
stephen a smith Stephen A. Smith - You can see his receding hairline all over First Take.
flo rida Flo-Rida - His hairline is frowning!
the rock The Rock - Even The Rock can't powerlift that hairline back in place.
ne yo Ne-Yo - He's too busy hiding other important secrets to cover up the hairline. *cough*

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