Dirty Dog Domestic Drama: Pilar Sanders Says Deion Has Publicly “Put Hands” On Her On More Than One Occasion

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Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders

Q: Please describe the violence that took place in your home on April 23, 2012.
A: “After Deion closed the door so I couldn’t see or talk to my son, he then opened it and jumped towards me in a taunting, frightening manner. I said, ‘what are you going to do?’ And he closes the door and I see him pushing (my son) into the closet area and closes that door. I cant see my son anymore and then he shuts the door on me. I call him a bitch. Then the door opens and he charges me like he’s running out of a tunnel on the football field – straight to my throat – completely off guard – drives and slams me into the glass double door by my neck. I’m kicking and scratching any where that I can get him off of my throat. I put my hand under his fingertips and I’m able to wiggle out of his choke. He picks me back up by my neck and throws me around … I’m screaming at the top of my lungs and now he’s rushing me into the bedroom – off of my feet – solely by my neck. He pulled me around the sitting area, I can’t breathe anymore … I grab the elbow of the statue with one arm and try to grab the double doors while he still has me. It’s very heavy, and I’m tipping it. With whatever bit of breathe and strength I have, I’m giving it all I got because I don’t have many more ‘gots’ left. He grabs the statue. I look at him like ‘you gotta be kidding me’ and I just cover my head and close my eyes and boom, boom, boom. He’s just hitting me with the statue and with his hands. He wasn’t doing a Superfly Snuka (the famous wrestler) over my head with the statue, he was just tipping, tipping it on my head … He lies and says he didn’t hit me or choke me and this is why I’m sitting here with a broken arm and a smashed thumb with a pin in it.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in the immediate future and five years down the road?
A: I have businesses and I’ve been working for a minute. I have a perfume line and a T-Shirt line and some savings but I’ve been using everything since September when he cut us off, and my family and some friends have helped me out. Moving forward, I want to work more in depth in TV and film for sure – acting and writing. It was something that I did before we were married. He knew that after the kids were older it was something I wanted to get back into. I have a business plan and I want it to grow with clothing, fragrances and beauty products. I want my children to see me grow an empire for them. A have a lot of fun things that I do with my daughter and my mother and my sister. Fun things that are passed down through generations – beauty and skin care secrets. Most importantly, I want to go further with my babies and their talents. They all play the piano and are musically inclined. I want them to experience great things and see the world. The divorce can’t happen soon enough for me.

Of course Deion denies all of these allegations, so….who do you believe????


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