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There’s nothing like a little morning chocolate to get your day started. Ngo the self proclaimed “most downloaded male model and actor on the net” has been featured in a few fitness magazines and national commercials, not to mention some homemade youtube videos. Click here for more on this handsome being.  We’ve been a little rough on you lately, so enjoy ladies!



  • 80sLady

    Nice bod, but……I think the reason that he’s the most downloaded is because he’s the type that appeals to GBM. My best friend freaked out over this dude. His head is little too big for me, but the body is tight.

  • Butterfly

    Ummm, who cut off the second picture?

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Nice body….but I’d rather have someone that can change the oil on my car and cut my grass.

    This “pretty boy” doesn’t look like he could do that?????

  • missj

    He is not cute. Not hating just stating a fact. I guess if you like really cut men then his body is nice. Personally I prefer a man that can’t throw me across a room if he gets angry.

  • Darkflava21

    Ewww his abs look kinda gross.

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    He ain’t no TRUE looker, w/o his clothes off, but the body is exceptional, and would probably make me take a double look with the right shirt and jeans on (if I saw him on the street). I agree w/Guilty Pleasure… Show me a man who can change my oil, tires, and keep it hot in the boudior, and I’ll put his azz on a poster and create a website for him!

  • Sarah

    Me no likey..WHAT a b!tch he looks like a gigolo

  • Lady Architect

    Body wise he looks nice, but I think on a normal day without the makeup and the oil…I wouldn’t really look at him cause hes doesn’t have a cute face to me…In profile he looks good, but straight forward no thanks not my type of guy…I prefer construction men that lifts and builds things, but thats just me

  • helltothanaw

    He’s aiiight. Nothing to get excited over. His body is superb, his face leaves something to be desired.

  • Lili


    He’s aiiight. Nothing to get excited over. His body is superb, his face leaves something to be desired.


  • Dnice

    I saw him on myspace. He has this ridiculously overwhelming need to talk about his girl and post her pictures on his page with almost child like animation (think 7th grade)around her pictures. I appreciate a man that loves his woman but come on now!!!

  • Nico

    umm he is not hot..I dont know who told him that. he looks weird. Body is way too defined and hes not cute. NEXT!

  • chris chris

    not cute

  • sourmama

    I would NOT want him on top of me, ever.

  • camcam781

    he aiiiiiiigggghhhhhhhht….nothing to jump up and down for…his body is nice but he aint tooo cute in the face…

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