Basketball Wives Finale: Shaunie O’Neal Talks To Pastor About Reflection Of Ratchet Her Show Displays “They Will Look At Me Like I’m Trash Too!” [Video]

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Basketball Wives Finale Shaunie O’Neal

This was needed half way through last season:

I guess Shaunie O’Neal does have a conscience after all!! I was becoming concerned! This is the best segment in all of the seasons of Basketball Wives as far as I’m concerned! Finally a segment that contains rational & mature conversation. It appears that Bishop Kenneth Ulmer(Faithful Central) might finally be able to speak some sense into the Chief of all these blind & misguided Indians!! LOL Another question might be asked, is she doing this simply to save face? We’ll see. =)

Turn the page to see Shaunie finally try to deal with the reality her show is putting out there.

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