Spotted: Kris Humphries Tried To Keep Low Key On The Beach With His Thicky-Thick Wanna-Be “Kimmy Fakes” Boo-Thang [Photos]

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Kris Humphries seen on the beach with a Kim Kardashian look alike

She got a donk!

Kris Humphries Spotted On The Beach With His New Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Girlfriend

According to TMZ reports:

If you were just looking at her ass, you’d swear the girl hanging with Kris Humphries on the beach yesterday was his ex Kim Kardashian. But from the front … she’s NO KK. Not even close.

Kris and the mystery brunette were spotted in Miami, but when they got wind of the photogs … they quickly went in separate directions. A sign of new love?

Sources close to KH say, no — the chick is just a neighbor who happened to sit down next to Kris … but they’re not dating.

While Kim has famously moved on to Kanye West, Kris has yet to publicly declare a successor to the Kim throne.

Hit the flizzip to to see more of Kris’ new kakes!

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