Stay Up: Connecticut Bus Driver Sues Hospital For $2 Million For Watching A Baseball Game And Ignoring His Painfully Enlarged “Member”

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Connecticut bus driver sues hospital for $2 million for watching baseball game and ignoring his genital pain

It’s HARD out here for a pimp in pain…

Man Sues Hospital For $2 Million For Watching Baseball Game Ignoring His Genital Pain

A bus driver has sued a Connecticut hospital, saying staff at an affiliated facility failed to promptly and properly treat his painful erection and watched a baseball game on television while he waited.

Daren Scott of Brockton, Mass., is seeking $2 million in his federal lawsuit against Yale-New Haven Hospital. The lawsuit says Scott was diagnosed before the incident with recurrent priapism, a persistent painful erection unrelated to sexual stimulation.

Scott was driving customers from Boston to New York on April 17, 2009, when he suffered a persistent and disabling erection. After dropping off the customers, Scott said he checked into an emergency medical facility affiliated with the hospital but was told he had to move his bus because he had parked it in the wrong place.

Scott suffered more pain as a result of moving the bus, and when he explained he was in great pain was told to wait, according to the lawsuit, which was filed in March.

While waiting, Scott said he noticed that the facility’s staff, including physicians on duty, was watching the game on TV. Scott says his pain worsened and he told a nurse.

“Notwithstanding this call for help, the staff, including the physicians, continued to watch the baseball game and ignore plaintiff’s condition,” the lawsuit states.

“Shut the hell up! Can’t you see it’s the 9th inning and we’re down 1?! Jerk!”

Guess all hard wood isn’t created equal…

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