When All Else Fails…There’s Always Playboy

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This ‘tasteful’ shot of Aubrey O’Day was taken earlier this year for Travis Barker’s clothing line Stars and Stripes. Word is she’ll be flashing those silicone lumps once more for her very own Playboy spread. According to TMZ, O’Day will posing butt naked with a bunch of lion cubs. Get that paper – ya trflin’ ass hussy.


  • Candid Canuck

    She a ho but I would buy her photos…. sshhhh!

  • candy

    lol. that’s exactly what she gets. non singin a$$. Puffy ben said it gets lonely out there lol.

  • pm

    diddy can’t stop her grind.. get it Aubrey

  • me


  • Talley-B

    i already KNOW she’s a scuzz bucket in the bed, she will be in the next “black sticks in white chicks, vol 53

  • Miss thang

    I love how everyone is hating on Aubrey but she is still making her $$$..so take that!

  • http://myspace.com/toolive4urcrew Katherine

    I don’t discredit playboy..a lot of talented and legendary people have posed for playboy. It’s not like its Hustler which is a little more explicit. So go ahead Aubrey, make that money…


    This bytch……

  • http://nobooboo.blogspot.com/ NoBooBoo

    Who hasn’t seen her naked?

  • Jaye

    Is anyone really surprised here?



    …didn’t think so.



  • Oshie - I'm White. SEE I PROVED IT WOW. Discuss.

    Go get some more surgery you used up Diddy rag.

  • http://annoymous@yahoo.com anonymous says

    gotta go to class but still up in here damn !

  • Mercy Mercy Me

    Word on the street is that Aubrey is now hot and heavy with 50 Cent.

    She is on upcoming episodes of that wack tv show of his.

    Skanky but cute couple.

  • TJ

    LMAO, didn’t like EVERYBODY call this the moment she was kicked out of DK???? the only thing that shocks me is that it happened this fast.


    He gets blamed for everything else. Why not blame this on him too…….

    Puffy did it! He turned her into a trifling, will do whatever for $$, no self respect having huzzy.

    Sorry, just can’t do it…he really didn’t do it this time, she did this herself.

    Get some class!

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