Together Again?

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Sources say that Whitney & Bobby may soon reunite:

We’ve heard it before, but folks inside Whitney Houston’s circle of pals again insist the on-the-rebound diva and ex-husband Bobby Brown may be getting back together.

The official word from Camp Houston sticks to to the old line about the divorced couple remaining separate, ”but good friends whose primary interest is the well-being of their daughter.” Yet, several Georgia sightings of Houston and Brown in recent days — clearly looking very romantic while dining together — seem to boost the reliability of what I’m hearing. I’m also hearing that the divorced couple’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is eager for her parents to remarry.

This comes as no shock. Those two nutballs are made for each other. Pity.



    Why they ever parted ways I dont understand….

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair Of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)


    I want more Crackheads Gone Wild, whoops I mean “Being Bobby Brown” – I loved that show :-)

  • irealise


  • http://hmlt Pooka

    dam dam dam

  • Mock Rock Star

    Reunited and it feels so good!!!

  • http://So... The Queen

    I hope they both go into rehab. I wanted their marriage to grow and prosper, not spiral outta control. They don’t stand a freaking chance!

  • pm

    singing.. ” we got crackpipes in common”

  • mzsweetface

    Oh boy! They deserve each other. Can we get another season of Being Bobby Brown out of this? Please!

  • NoBooBoo

    I hope they stay separated. It seemed as though Whitney was getting herself together as soon as Bobby left.

  • Trinidad. Adventist. Gay?!

    No way! Why did they not keep him away from her?

  • MPleasant

    I’m glad for them. I believe they truly love each other. True Love can’t be denied. Congratulations Whitney & Bobby!!

  • Oshie - I'm White. SEE I PROVED IT WOW. Discuss.

    They love eachother. Shame on them.

  • dapro


    Black love is a beautiful thang…..

    Wait what, this is Bobby and Whitney……

  • chaka1

    Whitney is done…po thang…

  • Pynk

    She just misses her Ray J… that’s all. Poor girl.

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