Bossip Exclusive: Is Usher’s New Girlfriend The Key To His Success Or His Impending Downfall???

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Usher Grace Miguel

A Billboard article published this May revealed that Grace Miguel is now handling Ush’s career:

He also has new management behind him. Grace Miguel of Coup D’Etat/URIV Group now heads up his management, taking over from AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips, who briefly managed Usher after the star relieved his mother, Jonnetta Patton, of managerial duties a second time in late 2008. “I see this record continuing the artistic journey Usher began the first time he was recognized for fusing sounds with Lil Jon to create ‘Yeah!'” Miguel says. “Usher revels in the challenge of expansion and is courageous enough to take risks to grow as a performer.”

Miguel also happens to be romantically linked with Usher — which only strengthens the extended family vibe of his overall team, she says. “Usher’s core team is run like a family who inspire each other to reach our full potential and have each other’s backs, while we create the foundation for his monumental success,” Miguel says. Among his longtime business and creative team members are RCA president of urban music/Bystorm Entertainment CEO Mark Pitts, who has worked with Usher for 20 years and serves as his A&R rep, and musical director Johnny “Natural” Najera, who has been with Usher for 12 years. “That personal connection,” Miguel adds, “allows us all to really go the extra mile to help him achieve his goals.”

The funny thing is, while Tameka was accused of wanting to take over Usher’s career — we can’t recall her ever making these kinds of comments for a trade publication. And from what our sources tell us — Grace is super demanding as a manager. We hear Usher isn’t even in control of his own phone and all calls have to go through her and that she dresses him and is responsible for that atrocious haircut that he’s been wearing. We guess she was going for his and hers curly tops? Epic Fail!

Grace has previous experience managing video directors through her Pyre Agency (what’s up with these names yo? Coup’D’Etat and Pyre? Is this broad Illuminati or what?) which she ran alongside Ciarra Pardo (Adam Rodriguez’s jawn before Melanie Fiona) and Leah Harmony. Some of the directors they repped include TAJ and Colin Tilley, but word on the street is that Grace was getting chopped by some of those clients too!!!

And since we’re talking about Ciarra — Usher has been spotted pulling her up on stage for a little freaky deaky bump and grind sessions while Grace popped bottles backstage. What’s really hood with that? Maybe she doesn’t mind sharing. That is what we heard anyway — that Grace allegedly lets Usher indulge his artist side and they even get into three way action with other women.

While most of you may not have heard of Grace before she hooked up with Usher she has a very long history in the music business… Here’s her official bio:

Grace Miguel is co-founder of the Pyre Agency, a boutique creative agency that specializes in the expansion of brands, curating popular culture and brand strategies. A native New Yorker, Grace began her professional career as a chef and worked in this capacity until the last season of The Cosby Show as executive chef for the cast. She moved into music publicity at MCA Records, television production at MTV, marketing at Jive records, running creative services departments at Geffen records and most recently as EVP Creative Services/Marketing for Island Def Jam Mercury music group. Grace is committed to providing a bridge between the entertainment industry and the community. She is actively involved with Lauryn Hill’s Refugee Project, The Red Hot Organization, and The Rap Roast, as well as Americans for Aristede, Lafayette Soup Kitchen, and The Wic Center & Hale House.

It all sounds well and good except she left out the juicy parts. Like for example, how she inspired Q-Tip’s Tribe Called Quest hit “Bonita Applebum” when they dated back in the day. He left her after she allegedly smashed a homie. In the time since, she’s rumored to have smashed a plethora of Usher’s homies before climbing on his jock. Names including: Diddy, Andre Harrell, L.A. Reid, Mark Pitts, Kanye West (who reportedly ran that choo choo on her at the Def Jam offices). It’s said that Grace even bedded interns and assistants. She’s her own personal free love movement!

Our source put it this way, “You really thought she just came out of nowhere?” Well…

Ms. Miguel has been married and divorced twice — to Rene McLean (an industry vet who has managed artists including Kelis) and Louis Miguel — who she cheated on with Usher before finalizing their divorce. Grace also has two teenaged kids, but word on the curb is that she can’t have any more due to some medical complications (yup that fish got gutted).

Could that be why Usher is now fighting for custody of his two young sons? Because his girlfriend can’t have babies for him?

We can’t help but wonder if maybe Tameka was right after all about people hating on her for being a brownskinned woman, because it’s kind of weird that we never heard all this dirt on light-bright curly girl Grace until recently.

But we do wonder if it’s already taken it’s toll on Usher’s career. For example, have you listened to the songs off Looking 4 Myself?

[springboard src=”” width=”635″ height=”400″ /]

Some folks say this song “I Care 4 U” is about Grace, but all we really care about is that it’s not that hot!

And we’re not the only ones who think so.

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