What You Say?! A Gallery Of People That Got Caught Dropping N-Bombs Over Baghdad

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Celebrities That Used The N-Word

Gwyneth Paltrow was in hot water last week for tweeting about how she was hanging out with some "N**** in Paris," causing a few people to get incredibly peeved. But here's the sad part: she's not even close to being the first or only person to do something like that. Here's a list of other people that got some flack for N-bomb droppage.
mayer John Mayer - He called his peen a racist and said he had a "N**** pass." Shoot yourself.
J. Lo - She dropped the N-word in a song with Ja Rule so she figured he'd give her a pass.
em Eminem - An old video surfaced of him dropping N-bombs about his ex-girlfriend when he was a teenager. Oh, to be young and angry at Black people.
michael richards Michael Richards - The most infamous comedy racist rant of all times! He deserves a medal for his meltdown.
paris Paris Hilton - P. Hilly put out a video of her and her friends goofing around and she dropped all kinds of bombs. Ugh.
Dog The Bounty Hunter Duane & Beth Chapman spend a relaxing day at the beach Dog The Bounty Hunter - A bounty hunter that uses the N-word? Surprised he doesn't work for the NYPD.
Mel Gibson - He's going to slur anyone that moves, isn't he? Well he dropped N-bombs on his voice mail to his wife and it was ugly.
sheen Charlie Sheen - He also insulted his ex-wife with N-words. Is that the best way to insult exes these days?
Dr. Laura Dr. Laura - She went ham sammich with the N-word, saying it 11 times on one show! Overkill?

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