Eminem Rides Against Kevin Federline, Says He Slept with Britney Spears, Tara Reid, and Mariah Carey

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Eminem on his Sirius Shady 45 radio show on Britney Spears husband and “aspiring rapper” Kevin Federline:

“He’s tried everything and failed at it. If I was in his situation, I’d just keep knocking her up and then go to the club.”

On Z-list actress Tara Reid:

Eminem says he has sexual relations with Tara“before all the disease and stuff.”

Although it is old news he had a fling with Mariah Carey, he says:

”Yes, me and Mariah did have a relationship for about a good six, seven months,” said Em. “(But) it didn’t work. I wasn’t really into what she was into; our personalities collided. She’s a diva, and I’m a little more regular, I guess.”

Em went on to blast Mariah for saying they never had a relationship, calling her words that start with the letters “b” and “c.” “I can never deny her talent, but the fact that she denied we ever had something, that’s bad.”

Eminem previously told Rolling Stone, he didn’t like Mariah as a person. Well Em, as you may know, it’s tough to like any person when you hate yourself. It’s time to put people on blast when ratings at the Shady 45 radio show are leaning back? If so, nice marketing move.

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