Cuba Gooding Jr. Likes The Baggy Thugged-Out Look

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Cuba Gooding Jr. was spotted rockin this young suit and we think something is really wrong with with him. It looks like he is trying to show up to events with his blonde wife and this suit rockin 1954 Emmett Till swag (R.I.P).

Ricky would have been shot a long time ago in the movie if Tre’ was spotted with him rockin this.


  • *Nice*

    This is NOT a good look. Make note of that people

  • NAIS

    im not even exaggerating, i really almost spit coffee at my computer- yall tryna get me fired..

    and i died at “emmit till swag”..

    first hoes

  • imunique

    Pure IRRITATION!!!!

  • I Stay SMH


    and NICE!!!!!

    we in the hideout!


  • Purpose

    “rockin 1954 Emmett Till swag (R.I.P).”

    Tell me you have more respect for your own culture than this.

  • I Stay SMH

    he look like he itch

  • Not You

    “…1954 Emmett Till swag (R.I.P).”

    I just don’t think Emmett Till should ever be part of the punchline of a joke. I know it wasn’t directed at him, but something about that just doesn’t sit right with me. We’re talking about a murdered child here.

    1954 Billy Eckstine swag woulda been funny.

  • Leah

    He is such a joke. I wonder if he realizes this?

  • ko

    Damn homie!!! The checks have stopped coming in for real. It looks like its missing buttons

  • Frenchie

    so how about that March at Jena? for the Jena 6?? oh yall dont cover that?

  • 70122Gyrl

    He is re-friggin-diculous! LMAO at this fool! “Dude Where’s My stylist” in order here.

  • Shero

    That Emmett Till joke was really classless and in poor taste. I understand the need to make a joke, but lynching’s really not that hilarious.

  • Ladye

    The Emmett Till part was so wrong – a murdered child shouldn’t be a joke.

    Shame on you.

  • Licia

    I’m sorry…But Cuba does look casket sharp!

  • Mike D.

    This is just venom spit out because they dont like that his wife whos been with him since the beginning is white.

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