Guess Which Attention Slorin’ Swirly Couple Rocked Matching Air Yeezy 2s On Twitter???

Yeezy taught her

You ain’t got them Yeezy’s?! This past week, sneakerheads lined up days in advance for a shot at purchasing the Air Yeezy 2s, a collaboration between Nike and Kanye West. The shoes that actually made it into the stores were sold for around $245, but many were scooped up and put on eBay, where one pair was actually purchased for $90,300. Priorities, people?

Naturally, it was only a matter of days before a certain member of the Kardashian family was spotted out and about wearing her very own Air Yeezys with the same “grace” she devotes to her thigh-high Louboutins; Yep, that’s right… Kimmy Cakes!

Considering she already gifted him a $750K Lamborghini Aventador for his 35th birthday, it’s only fair that she got a pair of the expensive azz kicks, right? She took to Instagram today to show off her new shoes, writing “His & Hers! #AirYeezys” underneath. Awww. If that isn’t love, than what is?



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