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You know it’s only a matter of time before the IRS starts to investigate that shady Pastor Manning’s. If you have never heard of “Church comedy”, well, here is some gumbo of the new genre that Manning ushered in this year.



    he a punk

  • QueenNZinga

    I don’t understand the posting of this clip. It’s vile, ignorant and serves no purpose. What is supposed to be the psychological ramification? Who is the target audience? Why? Comedy? This guy is serious. He is not joking.

  • islandchick1039

    Pastor Manning wished that he had been born a white man..he hates black men..and look at all those stupid black men in his stupid can one be…even if you are not or do not believe in christianity…this foolishness attacks the black community…all black men are not as he says…just like you have a “no-good” black man, you have a well-educated, responsible black man…my daddy is a black man and he was a business owner until he retired…he is a GREAT black man..i couldn’t ask for a better Pastor Manning with his black self, could suck hip…he needs to do what Michael Jackson did and bleach his skin…Pastor Manning is just IGNORANT because even most white people don’t believe the IGNORANT sh** he is saying…Pastor Manning…please go hide under a rock!

  • Aaron

    The awfull truth is that, even though they don’t show them, there are people in the congregation listening to this stuff. He obviously has members and they give him money(the website, suits, robes, telecasts all cost!!) to spew this anti black, anti black male, anti democratic, anti Obama, and anti Christian hate speech…….IN CHURCH!??!?!?!?!

  • Candid Canuck

    @ M;

    You’re missing the point.

  • Sharpton's Perm


    This is about exposing an idiot.

    I live a few blocks from this guy’s church… and everyday i have a fantasy about burning it down.

  • Miss T

    This man is a disgrace to the human race. Why is he sweating Sen. Obama and Mrs Obama? Obviously he is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Did he buy his phd because he does not sound like a scholar to me!

  • LetsBReal

    he reminds me of Uncle Ruckus lol

  • davari

    Reverend Ruckus in the flesh. Somebody needs to whup this sick bastards’s ass.



  • KG

    Wow. I can’t believe this person is a man of the cloth. I’m assuming he is not mentally stable. But what kills me is that he has followers. I am always fascinated by the psychology of those who would follow people like him, Hitler, etc. How emty are you inside that you would latch on to a person who is obviously not balanced?

  • Reppin H-Town

    @Sharptons Perm

    When I read your message I was all down for that ish…BURN THAT Bit^% DOWN…but after thinking about it that probably wouldn’t be the best thing to do..all that’s gonna happen is he’ll rebuild and get a bigger church with probably more congregation(who knows he may even get some whites to join)I mean is that what he wants?….This ish makes me mad everytime I see a story about his Uncle Tom…. I have no respect for him at all I don’t even see this dude as a preacher/priest/pastor whatever… what type of person of the cloth would speak in this manner he’s Very Negative and then some. I hate to even feel like this but I really hope something happens to him to change his views.

  • Quiesh_Ka

    k …the kkk paid him. naw i withdraw that, he is crazy, this is genuine. lol…this guy has lost his mind and this is why i am atheist. The audience probably worships this guy, this is a cult. He probably busses his wife’s ass.


    What is he saying y’all? I can’t see nothing.

  • Goldswann

    His problem is that our new Pres. Elect has held a mirror up to his own face and showed him that he does not messure up as a black man, and will never be on Obama’s level. Also the Bible teaches us that you can tell a good tree by the fruit that it bares. Well this tree bares the sour fruit of hate. So you know that he does not speak in the spirit of God. I will pray for him.

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