The Struggle: Wealthy New Jersey County Foodstamp Population Triples In Last 5 Years

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The struggle does not discriminate.

Wealthy New Jersey County Faced With Foodstamp Epidemic


Since the recession, persistent unemployment has left middle-class life out of reach for millions of Americans. But few residents of Morris County, N.J., could have ever imagined they would end up on government assistance.

Morris County is known for its wealth and million-dollar homes. Median household income there is over $91,000. Yet, the number of people receiving food stamps in the area has nearly tripled in the past five years.

Phyllis Tonnesen is on the front lines of the epidemic. She works for the Department of Human Services Office of Temporary Assistance. In her 27 years at the agency, she says this is the worst she’s ever seen it.

The food stamp caseload has increased 240% since the beginning of the recession.

Wonder if anyone invited them to Food Stamp Fridays? We’ll take care of it.  Don’t want anyone feeling left out.

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