Yung Turd Hopes Reality Show Hushes Racist Comment

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The useless, irrelevant “talent” that is Yung Berg has a reality show in the works that will showcase his quest to find “true love’, much like the catastrophe that was “Flavor of Love”. A Bossip snitch exclusively tells us that his management is trying to douse the flames surrounding his previous discriminatory statement, by only casting brown and dark-skin women.

His management’s letter to the casting company includes:

“We are looking to find exceptional stand out beautiful dark skin/brown skin women to showcase all races of beauty on the show”.

Turd even personally requested Brooklyn video model, Jeri J, and told the casting company, “She’s pretty for a dark skin shorty.” He’s currently shopping the show to BET, VH1 and MTV. We can just about bet money on which channel has already picked it up. SMH

Peep the pics of Jeri J when you pop the hood.


  • Binary Star

    “She’s pretty for a dark skin shorty.”???

    this asshole still doesn’t get it.

  • sweet_lies

    yeah…. wtf?

  • pm

    If that man like yellows thats his business. I dont see what all the fuss was about.

  • That Nupe Figure

    PHUCK THIS PUNK! I’m from Chi-Town and so is he… we have no love for Yung Dudes like this!

  • JFlu

    hate him hate him hate him hate him!!!!!

  • adriana lima's #1 stan!

    lol is this dude serious???

    and these chicks are stupid enough to go along with it!! smh

  • Almost Famous

    damn they give just about anyone a reality show i should try to get up on that

  • Cage

    This cat’s a herb… No one is going to waste their time on a show… Televesion would pay to see him gettin beat up and that ugly ass chain snatched though.. That’s some good television..

  • WordtotheWise

    Who cares what this irrelevant boy likes? I wouldn’t want him, so if he preferred martians it’d make no difference to me. He’s just like millions of other black men out their that like a lot of cream in their coffee. Nothing new.

  • Rawr



    what a loser, i think his show will be as bad as his rappin skills….oh wat am i thinking he doesnt have that either!

  • What the...

    @ Binary Star


    I could care less who he prefers but, to go outta your way to make comments on skintone..all the damn time.

    If he had just let it go. I’d solely be annoyed by his aluminum transformer chain.

  • Nicole

    I don’t believe him (that he likes dark skinned women); He needs more people.

  • Beautifully Black

    @ PM

    ….yeah it is his business to prefer/like/want/exclusively date “yellow” women…but that does not give him the right to make disparaging, insulting, downright offensive remarks about my beautiful/not so beautiful brown skin and dark skin sisters…let’s face it it is a vast and completely incorrect and misinformed statement to say because not every “yellow” girl is attractive…as though it’s not hard enough for brown skin and dark skin sisters!

  • Raquel26

    Okay, so he likes light-skinned girls? Great.

    Well, I dont like p_ssy a** niccas that get b_tch-slapped for their chain. lol

    But for real…that Jeri J looks better than most caucasian looking black girls that I see.

    Berg is a turd anyway. Dumb a** nicca.

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