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Remember Shawna? The slanted-eyed, foul-mouthed diva of DTP. Well, check her out getting her serious booty cake clap on at a recent Luda concert in NYC.


  • Imani

    GO GIRL!

  • shar

    Can you learn that in Circus Skills Class?


    Well if thats how you get your fame Shawna…make it do what it do..LOL

  • Serengeti



    Likes That, That’s My Gurl, The Gurl Can Flow, and Obviously make dat Phat Azz Booty Clap

  • the_one

    AWE, so much talent…NEXT. Cursing and being foul is not a talent. Can we just band this ish. When will there be a female rapper who just flows and doesnt have to be an ex-stripper DAMN!

  • Taylor

    I love the dress. Wonder who the designer is.

  • Valenne

    Damn she soooooooooo ghetto? Why does she have to calp her butt cheeks and pople are hrwing her money like a regular stripper! No self respect AT ALL! This being said,her flow is good and she is a good performer but im tired of all these rappers that have to act like hoes on stage or on TV! She hasa nice body but her ass aint that fat! just nice!

  • Valenne


  • B

    Shawna looks good…sounds good. I’m not mad at her. She keep it classy…somewhat.

  • ray

    Damn valenne, what do you consider a fat ass? That ass is fat to me damn!

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re


  • Shardy


  • Lady elle

    I love that dress…she got that…..

  • TheMan

    DAMNNNNNNNN, Shawnna make a dude wanna do some freaky things and she can rap.

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