The Obamas Do Thanksgiving In Chi-Town

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Our most beautiful First Family in American History hit up their old hood to serve turkey to people in need for Thanksgiving. That’s what we love to see…

More imagery of the Obamas doing it the right way below:

We have more pictures when you…

Images provided by Daily Kos/ The Huffington Post


  • Doagae

    I love this family….

  • Doagae

    I love this family…

  • Sydney

    I saw these photos on Daily Kos — beautiful! The Obama girls are learning the importance of generosity.

  • Sabiri

    I love love love this family. God bless them as a family.

  • jstbnme

    May God continue to bless us!

  • shar

    Are you taking note Prime Minister (UK) Gordon Brown. You have put so many Brits in hardship with your fiscal policies, now you go out and serve the needy with Christmas Dinner On December 25th.

  • gsb

    god bles our new prezzzszz


    GOD BLESS THE OMBAMS I AM SO HAAAAAAPPPPYY to see that they care other peolpe


    if i was a secret service agent,i’d be in the bed with michelle,like “im protectin you baby”

  • LoveHaters

    That’s a badd man. I love the Obama’s they set good examples.

  • Christmas Jones

    Uh-uh Joey Bishop!

    Thatswhatimtalkingabout…this makes me feel all good and warm inside. Talk about a world leader…maybe now some African leaders will start doing this instead of helping to cause famine in their own countries…

    God bless Obama

  • Christmas Jones

    Uh-uh Joey Bishop!

    thatswhatimtalkingabout…this makes me feel all warm inside. Talk about a world leader…I hope more African leaders are taking note and will stop contributing to their famine in their countries…

    God bless the Obama’s.

  • beloved

    i love it


    @christmas jones—>>> oh by the way,i like ya name!….i agree,i hope more of’em follow suit.

  • Film

    Services volunteered is great for benefiting our community.

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