Bottle Service: The Craziest Celebrity Bar Fights Of All Time

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Craziest Celebrity Bar Fights

This morning has gone to sh** with all the craziness of the Breezy and Drake fight last night. We’re all waiting with baited breath to see all the details. But until then, we can reflect on some crazy bar fights of celebrity past.

Jay-Z Fight –Jay almost went to jail for allegedly stabbing Un Rivera for leaking his music back in 2000.

Diddy And Shyne – Diddy had Shyne take the charge for going ham at a club. Shyne ended up in jail for years from it.

Michael Lohan World's Most Beautiful Magazine Launch Event

Michael Lohan – He got to scrapping over people insulting his daughter. Way to go, dad.

ray j fab

Ray J and Fabolous – Ray J got mad that Fab was making fun of his struggle singing so they had a slap fight. Yawn.

Shia Labeouf – He got his arse kicked outside of a club last year. Awesome.

Paul Pierce – He got stabbed multiple times outside of a nightclub but came back stronger than ever.

Charles Barkley – He threw some dude through a window! Don’t mess with Chuck.

Pacman Jones Arrested Again

Pacman Jones – He stays beating up and shooting people outside of clubs. Stay at home and read a book, bruh.

Paz De La Huerta – She threw a bottle at a chick trying to jock her acting game.

sean bean game of thrones

Sean Bean – Guy tried to talk greasy to his girl so he attacked him…only to get stabbed for his troubles.


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