What Blonde Sports Groupie is This Good at Photoshop?

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Former boxing champion Oscar de le Hoya is denying it’s him in the tranny pics that dropped this week. His lawyer calls the pictures:

…a really bad photoshop job

The girl who took the pictures has something to say:

“Now that she’s being called a liar, she’s ready to sell her story”

We don’t believe The Golden Boy The Golden Girl, you need more people! Makes sure you click here to get your laugh on today.


  • Guilty Pleasure

    Things that make you say, hmmmmm……

  • Mercedes


  • Yes I Said It

    Looks like photo shop to me. I looked at the whole set of pictures. On some,he has a big head, and on others he has a small head. Looks like somebody tried real hard with that Photoshop, but I’m not convinced.

  • RiotGrrL11

    When did God get all “hip-hop” and started photoshopping!?!?!

  • Gypsy EyeZ

    I don’t know. The picture on Lossip.com looks photoshop-ed!

  • mia_uno

    O.O is all I have to say

  • silversurfer

    Don’t know, but they look REAL to me.

    Photo Shop experts, please explain how you photo shop a Head in a WIG to look natural?

    (I’ve Heard that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to do)

    Seems to me that the “Golden Boy” has a little “Golden Girl” in him, that is trying to get out.

  • Oscar Drag La hoya

    This is what happens when you lock yourself in a hotel room with an ounce of cocaine.

  • Selenah

    Maybe our Golden Boy got his brains scrambled and thinks he’s Goldie Locks. Gotta go, I have some porridge on the stove!

  • http://blackwiz.biz Tiray


    hahahhahha…TOOO FUNNY!

  • luvchild

    side eye glance

  • http://www.iforgottowearmydarkblackjena6september22.com 504 in her light black bday suit

    who really cares (besides him) if it’s photoshopped…it’s hellahilarious !!!! look at that “you know you want me” look !

  • RiotGrrL11

    Uh-Huh…I’m betting this esemble was mady by Oscar…packed in his suitcase by Oscar…and Oh, let’s not forget that PERFECT pair of black pumps in the closet that goes my outfit!

  • Akasha1

    Couldn’t be real or he couldn’t be that stupid…either one..he has too much to lose posing like this for some random broad.

    It tis FUNNY though!

  • Not You is reppin the Lou'

    If the photos are legit, we will soon find out.

    If she used a digital camera and they’re still in the memory, game over.

    If she used a non-digital camera and has the negatives, game over.

    I think they’re real, myself. Oscar should have gotten his lies straight before making a statement. Probably shoulda said he was drunk as was impersonating his baby mama.

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