Pure Comedy: Man Rockin Head To Toe Burberry Goes On Robbing Spree, Can’t Spell “Robbery”

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Cornell Neilly Burberry Robbery

Burberry Bandit Caught Can’t Spell Robbery

This is absolute comedy!

He probably can’t spell Burberry, either. In 11 of his 13 bank-robbery notes, accused “Burberry Bandit” Cornell Neilly spelled the word “robbery” wrong, new court documents claim. Neilly, 21, told cops he robbed a string of Manhattan banks in the last two months to feed his penchant for pricey duds — and twice was caught on bank surveillance cameras wearing his prized $250 Burberry shirt while allegedly passing hand-scrawled robbery notes to tellers. The notes, passed at banks from Battery Park to Harlem, all start out the same way, with the words, “THIS IS A . . .”

But on six occasions — in notes passed to tellers at two Chase banks, two HSBC banks, one Sovereign Bank and one Bank of America — the dapper dunce allegedly wrote, “THIS IS A ROBBY.” On five other occasions — to tellers at one Atlantic Bank and four Chase banks — he allegedly announced, “THIS IS A ROBBRY.” He allegedly managed to spell “robbery” correctly in two robbery notes, one handed over at a Bank of America and another at an HSBC — although in the latter note, he specified that the teller give him “LOSE BILLS.”

Neilly is accused of using some of the $8,500 he allegedly netted to buy $400 sneakers, his Burberry shirt and other expensive clothes. Prosecutors said he has been picked out of a lineup by 12 witnesses and further tied to some of the banks by fingerprints. He is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

SMH at him robbing banks so he can buy expensive clothes. WTF?!?!


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