‘Messy’ Jesse Jackson: Obama is Acting White on Jena 6

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Jesse Jackson recently blasted Barack Obama over his weak reaction to the Jena 6 case and said Obama was ‘acting white’ on the issue.

It must be some money in this for The Reverend. There are a whole lot of Jena 6’s out there and we need to focus on the big picture. Let Obama do his thing.


  • buzzard

    1st and Jesse is a coon

  • Royal Chocolate

    Jesse, move out of the way & let other influential brothas take a stand! There’s room at the top for you and Obama. Go look after your baby’s mama if need something “black” to keep you occupied.

  • Traydayz

    The easiest way for Obama to lose is to concentrate on just black issues and half of us do not even vote. He has to have an interest in all Americans. If he and Al Sharpton are handling that what they need Obama for?

  • KSH

    Dear Jessie

    Stop the madness.

    Yours Truly,

    Stick to Civil Rights Issues

    PS: Fight the Power

  • addilade

    jesse is just mad because he doesnt have any cheek bones.

  • Whoa

    Dear Jessie,

    Go take care of your illigitimate child with your skank chick on the side.

    You do not speak for me as a black person and frankly everytime you open your mouth you are an embarassment. At least Rev. Sharpton could do the simplest of all tasks and control himself by not having an affair and hiding an illigitimate child.

    Honestly, you sicken me.


    Proud Black Woman, Supporter of Mr. Obama

  • KDogg

    keef hope buhlive

  • http://aol Luci Liu2

    Obama can’t be everywhere, all the time. I’m sure he is pround of Jesse and Al Sharpton for fighting the good fight. Jesse is hatin’ when he should be supporting his younger brother. To Jesse: You blew it when your mistress decided to give birth to your daughter. Everybody makes mistakes, and we still love and support you, but you allowed your little head to overrule your big head (pun intended), and that pretty much sealed your fate. Hang in there and support Barak. I doubt very much if Hillary will appoint you to any offices if/when she’s elected president.

  • bee

    Jessie you can stop it. Everyone knows that you secretly support Hilary Clinton. Let’s not show the pictures.

    The problem is that Mr. Obama did not come to you all and ask your permission to run for office so you and you cohorts can tell him how to run his campaign and that is probably why he is doing as well as he is doing.

    Mr. Obama, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. He is pretty intelligent I know he knows who the enemies are. And, alot of them look like him.

    He can mess up alot of their money coming in. See Jessie and his cronies are in place to keep us in lined and not to focus on the big issues. That is why they have not changed their speeches and arguments in the last 20+ years.

    Someone with his power should have been spoke out in the unequalness of the justice system. This is a man who can go to another country and get people freed but he can’t do anything to get all of these innocent black men out of jail here.

    Get real Jessie.

  • shawn

    i`m never the one to agree with jesse jackson,al sharpton or oprah but i think if obama doesnt have the balls to take a postion in an issue like jena6 where even republican president bush has amde it clear that he`s saddened by what is happening in jena,louisiana then we really need to start questioning obama`s political moves

    i mean lets be serious this jena6 issue has gone way beyond the borders of the united states and all international media outlets are reporting and have social analyses but yet the african american that he is has remained very mute

    but guess what? as soon as hillary opens her mouth about it, he`s going to talk to

    obama dont be scared…lol!

  • helltothanaw

    Amen, bee. Amen.


    what a crab in the barrel mentality…

  • http://blackwiz.biz Tiray

    ” Acting White”?

    How does one “Act White”?

    Crabs in the Barrel….101


  • Rich

    Wasn’t it a white kid that was stomped and beat-up to near death by 6 black kids? WTF?

  • Leah

    I agree w/ Traydayz

    Obama just can’t focus only on blacks. He is running for president. Blacks only make a small % of the U.S. population. In his position he can’t alienate the white voters. Besides the Jena 6 movement has 2 “powerful” (I use that word losely) black leaders.

    I love Obama, he is a great role model for all especially black men. Hmm I wonder if he has a son my age!

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