YOLO? The People That Suffer From The Most Fake Twitter Deaths

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Celebrities Killed By Twitter All The Time

Twitter is a great place full of #slander and wonderment. It's also sometimes full of horrible rumors about people dying. Every day there's someone else that's allegedly dying thanks to stupid a$$ rumors. At this point there's not much we'd believe on Twitter. Here are the people that keep dying via social media.
Beyonce - People always have some sort of rumor about her, but she's been killed a few times...even when she was pregnant!
Denzel Washington - Someone keeps putting out rumors of celebrities dying in ski trips and Denzel is one of the victims of the prank.
Justin Bieber - Poor kid dies damn near every day on Twitter.
Britney Spears arrives at Clive Davis and the Recording Academy's 2012 Pre-GRAMMY Gala Britney Spears - Someone hacked her account and pronounced Britney dead. People bought it.
Lindsay Lohan - People are always expecting her to die...so the Twitter rumors are always believable.
eddie Eddie Murphy - Even Joe Budden tried to jump in and start the Eddie Murphy rumor a few months ago. Just get that man off Twitter.
Morgan Freeman - He was victim of a fake Fox News tweet that he'd died.
Barack Obama - A fake Fox News tweet also said Obama died. The only thing we question is if the tweet was from a "fake" account or not.
Aretha Franklin - She was announced as dead as soon as she first got sick. SMH.
Bill Cosby - His own close family members called when they heard the rumors of his death. Heathcliff wasn't pleased.
Will Smith - He's the most rumored about person on Twitter. He's alive. And so is his marriage.

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