What is Wrong With This Picture???

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This is Keyshia Coles’ sister Neffe, and her stylist. We can’t quite put our finger on it….

What is Wrong With This Picture???


  • AdDiCTt3D

    is that a dude tryna be a chick or a chick tryna be a dude…

    whoever it is, they got nice hair like lloyd

  • Sawyer

    This homo swag is getting outta control! If that is indeed a guy in that pic, I cant tell anymore. Straight men wanna be gay, gay men wanna be women?! WTF is going on with this culture. Things are certainly changing, but changing into what is the question.

  • lottalove

    I don’t know who looks the saddest in this picture.



  • Diva

    Ummm Neffie….NO, just NO. As for that “stylist” he looks like that the lion from Wizard of Oz.

  • Vee-Oy Ve' I HATE Mondays

    Hey peeps! Diva: you beat me to it. I was goin’ say the same thing: dude looks like the Cowardly Lion. The fade/five o’clock shadow and the big hair is too much for my eyes…but his hair is beautiful. :-)

  • Aunt Viv

    Ok ol’ dude needs to share his secret to such healthy n’ shiny hair!

  • Sara

    That’s the divo from Tears, Shears, and Queers (opps, i mean beauty). The real question is why does Neffie need a stylist, and if she has one, where was he during the filming of her sister’s reality show? Her head and clothes always looks a mess.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    The one in the middle is kinda pretty…

    LOL @ COWARDLY LION…so true…

    On the right…her hair looks like it’s running away…

  • The Foosa

    nevermind the bookends, who is the chick in the middle?

  • Christmas Time

    OMG!!! Neffe why did you let them do that to you… now you look really f*cked up…

  • http://www.damnsheugly.com Damn She Ugly

    Neffe has a stylists? lmao


    The men are the women and the women look like men…

  • AllWrong

    Mind your business people. Gays aren’t going anywhere. Be secure with yourself and let the gays live their lives! Worry about uplifting your own race that has been in bondage by themselves for so long. ignorant!

  • alanislove

    well, at least Neffe looks better than how she appears on the show, lookin’ like a hot mess

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