Shots Fired? Did Fabolous Send Out A Sub-Tweet That May Be Aimed At Emily B And Their Rocky Relationship Status??

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Fabolous Posts Cryptic Sub-Tweet That Appears To Refer To Girlfriend Emily B

The first season of Love & Hip-Hop documented the drama that was going on between rapper Fabolous and his long-time girlfriend Emily Bustamante. Near the end of the season we saw that Fab and Emily were finally making strides in the right direction after months of tension.

Well just, when it seemed that everything was all good for the MC and Boricua banger, it could be said that perhaps things aren’t as peachy-keen as we all thought.

Fab recently posted this Tweegram to both his Twitter and Instagram page.

After about and hour of having his mentions in shambles, Fab hit back with some “clarification”…

SOUNDS good, but do you believe Fab or does he need a nation of millions to convince you that he wasn’t referring to Emily B and some mysterious side-piece?

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