Know Your Role: Side Pieces Who Didn’t Stay In Their Lanes

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Mistresses That Wanted More Than Affairs

Side-pieces have specific rules: slore it up in quiet and go about your way. But for some reason, these ladies go above and beyond, wanting to be more than just a place of shame for committed men. They want love and babies and wedding rings and all that extra stuff that comes from being the main chick.

Ladies, stay in your lanes. Please.

kat von d

Kat Von D – She was supposed to be Jesse James’ side piece but she went all the way, broke up the marriage and wanted him for herself.

Alicia Keys – She wanted way more from Swizzy…which we’re still confused about.

Singer Rihanna out for dinner with friends at Da Silvano restaurant in New York City,

Rihanna – She clearly thought her and Breezy would get back together but he wanted to stay with Karr Bear. Rih still doesn’t quite understand.

Rielle Hunter – She wanted to take things to another level so she wrote a tell-all about her affair with John Edwards. Take that!

monica lewinski cheating side piece

Monica Lewinski – Soldiers take bullets for their country. You couldn’t quietly take…nevermind.

Kola Boof – She probably wasn’t even Djimon’s mistress but she is wildin!


Fantasia – She took ol buddy from his family and wanted to start her own. Not the best plan.

Joseline Karlie

Joseline – She clearly is unclear about her side piece status…


Rocsi – She yanks men from their women left and right. Rocsi needs to sit down somewhere. Wait. Nevermind.


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