Again?!? Another Barebacked Florida Man Spazzes Out And Eats Flesh Of Other Man

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Third Florida Man Chews Flesh Off And Eats It

Yet another Florida man has attacked another man while wearing nothing but a spazzed out facial expression.

Charles Baker of Palmetto Florida was supposedly headed to his girlfriend’s house to visit his children when he suddenly had a change of heart. He instead decided to barge into the house in a shouting rage and rip off his clothes, leaving him bare bodied and blazed out of his mind on an unknown substance.

Once fully exposed, Baker charged at a man, bit a chunk out of the man’s arm and the chowed down on the chunk immediately after. Although his attemptes to flee from police officers who soon arrived on the scene was unsuccessful, it took both a taser and a stun gun to get Baker on the ground.

Bath salts are very bad.


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