Man Up! These Women Wore The Pants In Their Relationships!

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Women That Wore The Pants In Their Relationships

It's the 21st century, kids. That means the days of men dominating their relationships are over. A lot of times ladies wear the pants and tell their men how to handle things. No shame in that. Just take it like a champ and keep it going. These men dominated. And the men just sat there and took it.
bow wow ciara Ciara - She definitely was Bow Wow's boss. It didn't help that she was a foot taller than him too.
janet jackson and jermaine dupri Janet Jackson - She had JD wrapped around her finger. Poor guy.
Jackie Christie - Doug makes no decisions in his life. Yikes.
Michelle Obama - You know she runs the white House. Go on head, baby.
jlo J Lo - You know good and well Casper is just another one of her kids...but he lays pipe.
Star Jones -Her man was soft as cookie dough so you just know she was running things.
lozada Evelyn Lozada - She totally clowned Ocho for his lack of a job a while back. She's clearly confident in her role.

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