Surprise, Surprise: Snoop Dogg Busted For *Drumroll* Piff Puffin’ Possession In Norway!

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Big shocker, for Snoop the known smoker…

Via TMZ reports:

Snoop Dogg was detained at an airport in Norway this morning … after customs officers discovered … wait for it … SNOOP WAS PACKIN’ TWEEDS!!!

The Agder Police Department tells TMZ … Snoop was stopped at customs at the Kjevic Airport in Kristiansand … where officials discovered 8 grams of “that good”.

According to the cops, anything less than 15 grams is merely punishable by a fine — and in Snoop’s case, the violation ran him 12,000 Norwegian Krone … which converts to roughly $1,980.13.

We’re told Snoop was cooperative … and quickly took care of the fine … because he probably carries that kind of money in his back pocket.

FYI — Snoop is in the country to perform at the Hove Festival at 10:30 PM local time … which still gives him a few hours to find some replacement blaze.

Snoop has always been the Teflon Don when it comes to that sticky-icky. Now who’d wanna bust him for getting his roll on? It’s damn near legal anyway. Snoop will pay the fine and be back on his merry high way in no time!

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