Sitcho A$$ Down! The 10 Most Ratchet Reality Stars Of All Time

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Most Ratchet Reality Stars

There isn't a single reality show out there that doesn't have at least one rabble rouser. One person that gets everyone pissed off that you want see catch an a$$ whoopage. They're embarrassing but we can't turn away from them. Let's look at the Ratchet Hall Of Fame.
1. New York - She's one of the OG ratchet reality women. She gets a shrine at the Hall of Fame.
grill 2. Flavor Flav - He's the founding father of ratchet reality show guys. He started this ratchetness.
3. Every Man, Woman and Unsaved Child On Bad Girls Club - They get their own wing in the hall of fame.
kim zolciak without wig 4. Kim Zolciak - Take your struggle singing and attitude somewhere else.
5. NeNe Leakes - She earns extra ratchet points for her stint on The Apprentice. She's actually half bearable on Housewives.
6. Joseline - She's quickly earned her place amongst the rising ratchet stars. Congratulations.
7. Tami - She'll fight and scrap and contribute nada to society.
Keyshia Cole Franke Lons 8. Frankie - Yup. Drugs are bad m'kay.
jenner 9. Kris Jenner - Of all the Kardashians, she's probably the most ridiculous and ratchet. Damn shame.
dmx wife 10. DMX and Tashara Simmons - They're the most ratchet couple in the world, so thank goodness they're on a reality show.

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