Ja Rule Ft. Ashley Joi

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Here is Ja Rule’s new video ‘Body’ featuring Ashley Joi. Click here to listen to our exclusive interview with Ja.


  • Harlem World

    The Hottest! My negro Ja is back! It’s MURDA!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Harlem World

    Baby it’s yo body!!! The only negro to go upside Fiddy head, now he’s back to get his proper impin’ back on… I-N-C dat realness!!!

  • T

    I agree this cat is really singing that is korny he needs to hang it up 50 ended his career !

  • Sean

    Man I have always liked Ja, do your thing!

  • RJ

    Let it go JA, let it go…

  • shawn

    not bad… i need to listen more of it ..lol


    Low budget video but it’s not bad and the song is alright.

  • http://www.myspace.com/pazjon1 Hey Hey

    is she the new Ashanti?

    this song is wack

  • Ashantiisfat

    song is mediocre at best but his body is banging! gad damn… i never thought i would say this but i want to hit that.

  • chantel

    nahh ja whooped 50’s ass. 50 and yayo sued him.

  • nomorebeyonce

    yall wack asses are haters. Ja is back and the joint is hot. Take note 50 take time off hit the gym and come back strong like Ja did…

  • kennedy


  • Lady Architect

    I don’t really like it sorry…Video is very wack…Is this Ashley girl suppose to be the new “princess” of R&B…or is she hittin up Irv and Ja for her singing career too?

  • lostinhigh

    lmao… wack….

  • Sean Forbes

    this s**t sucks, his career is over..ja, here’s some advice…RETIRE…MUTHAF*****

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