Give It A Rest Already: Willow Smith Drops New Music “I Am Me” Filled With Pre-Teen Angst About Trying To Find Herself

Willow Smith's new music video "I Am Me"

Woe is you, you’re young, rich, and black, life is so hard, blah, blah, blah…

New Music From Willow Smith “I Am Me”

If you let Willow Smith tell it, life as a rich and famous shorty shouldn’t be so rough. After shaving her head, rocking a series of head-scratching outfits, and recently getting a “fake” tongue ring, many people (including us) have wondered: “What the HELL is going on with Will and Jada’s child?!?!”. Well, the youngest Smith child has decided to respond those critiques with her new song “I Am Me”

Check it out below.

Sorry Willow, but you’re 11. We get that you are the “creative type” and all, but just live your life, be happy to be a child (a very fortunate one) and knock off the complaining. Thanks.

Hate it or love it???

Image via YouTube

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