Dear Bossip: My Mom Wouldn’t Let Me See My Boyfriend & He Called Her Out Of Her Name

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Dear Bossip,

First, let me start off by saying that I’m a young lady who is 17-years of age. I get all A’s and B’s and I have a boyfriend who’s 18 years old, and he’s really handsome and funny. But, just the other day him and my mom got into an argument because I tried to go see him and got caught (he lives 40 minutes away). We attend two different schools and we see each other every other weekend, but we talk all the time. I thought we were pretty happy.

Well, he got mad at my mom because she wouldn’t let me go see him, and she said “F” him. So, he got mad and called her a bish and so on. And, he’s going to Georgia for a while. Well, he always seems cool and never the type to cheat. He left himself logged in on my phone and he was messaging other females on Facebook. It wasn’t anything serious, but it was a lot of females and none of them paid him any mind. He was asking for their number and what not. I confronted him about it and he said he would never talk to other girls. Ugh! I don’t know what to do. – Young In Love

Dear Ms. Young In Love,

Lil Gurl! Lil Gurl! You better take your fast a** self someplace and sit down before I put you down! The hell is wrong with you!?!

Let me say something right quick: All you youngin’s who are still living in your parent’s home, and you don’t want to listen to them or abide by their rules THEN MOVE THE HELL OUT! YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY AND DO WHAT THEY SAY. MOVE YOUR A** OUT! But, until you start paying some bills, bringing food in the house, and contributing something to the mortgage or rent THEN NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PARENTS SAY IT IS NOT OPEN FOR DISCUSSION. If your parents tell you to do something THEN YOU DO IT. THERE IS NO BACKTALKING! Chile I wish my child would backtalk me. If you even look like you about to say something, and before you can even fix your mouth to say something stupid, yo’ behind will be waking up from a coma years from now! Especially over some lil boy or lil girl! You gon’ learn tuhday! (In my Kevin Hart voice).

Your so-called wanna-be gangsta-and-feeling-himself-disrespectful-a** boyfriend gets into an argument with your mother and he calls her a “Bish,” and his narrow a** is still walking and breathing? Chile, you kids today got a lot of MF’ing nerve! I swear y’all have no respect for authority, your elders, or even your own damn parents!

You’re so caught up and running behind this knuckle-head nappy-headed boy that you’re disrespecting your own mother, and allowing him to do it as well, which means he probably doesn’t respect you, or even think highly of you. If he can sit up there and call your mother out of her name, then yes, I am very certain he has and is calling you out of yours. Please, tell me where this boy lives so I can punch him in his bird a** chest! He wants to be a big man, then let him go toe-to-toe with a big man!

Giiiiiirrrrrrrrlllllll, you done gone and got my blood pressure up! Where is Big Momma and ‘em?!? They will get a switch from a bush and whoop yo’ a**! That’s what you kids need. You need some damn body whooping y’all a**es, and I’m talking about thick leather belts, extension cords, switches, shoes, or whatever else.

And, your too-hot-in-the-damn-pants-self is concerned about him communicating with some other girls on Facebook? Really! Really!!!!!

Look here lil gurl! Stop running behind that boy because a few months from now, hell, even a few years from now you won’t be concerned about him or even thinking about him because you will have moved on and hopefully got yourself into somebody’s college or university in another state. That lil narrow-a** boy and his big mouth, and running after girls will still be doing the same thing years from now, A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING!

Listen to your mother. You may not be able to understand this now, or today, but the wisdom, experience, and knowledge your mother is imparting to you will truly show up in your life later. I know it’s hard when you’re 17 years old, and you want to think and feel like you’re grown, but you’re not. Your parents have been there and done exactly what you’re doing. She knows and can see some things you cannot, and she is saving you from heartache and heartbreak. She knows your lil bastard a** boyfriend ain’t –ish! That’s why she said, “F” him! Didn’t you say you saw him on Facebook trying to hook up with other girls? Duh! That’s not geometry or trigonometry. You better use your high school intelligence and wake your behind up and see that he is cheating on you, and probably got other girls in his school, or in his own neighborhood. You’re much smarter than that. Don’t allow any man to disrespect you or your mother, or anyone in your family, and call them out of their name. If he’ll do it to them, he will certainly do it to you. Be wise! Be intelligent! Be able to walk away from him, and recognize your beauty, strength, and greatness. The next time I hear from you it should be a letter saying you’re over him, and focusing on school, and on your way to somebody’s college or university. Goodbye! –Terrance Dean  

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