Fu*k Exercise, Just Starve Yourself

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What do lazy rappers and producers do to stay on point, take steroids. What do singers like Ashanti do, start leaning on the master cleanse diet:

R+B star ASHANTI lost eight pounds (3.6 kilograms) this summer (07) on the Master Cleanser diet. The pretty singer felt she needed to shape up for a run of promotional appearances for new film Resident Evil: Extinction and new album Declaration and so she spent a week eating nothing. She explains, “I did the lemon-pepper-maple syrup diet for seven days. “When I got really hungry, I ate fruit. I lost eight pounds and kept it off.”


Robin Quivers put this diet on blast back in 2004.


  • Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel


  • Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel

    The weight WILL COME BACK…

  • John

    That top picture is saying something! LOOKING GOOOOD!!

  • Maya

    It worked for Beyonce, so why not Ashanti? A guy at my job tried it also, and he slimmed down considerably, but he also ate right and exercised once the fast was over…


    Two people at my job also used it and lost about 10lbs in 2 weeks. They love it. I think I might give it a try.

  • Shae

    I think that’s the dumbest ways to lose any weight. What’s wrong with doing it the old fashion way… WORKING YOUR BUTT OFF GOING TO THE GYM, to get to the size you want? First of all, it might’ve worked for Beyoncé but, best believe she gained it back. It’s not healthy, and it’s not safe. On top of that these women got young girls looking up to them and going out to do something that’s dumb it’s setting a really bad example for those young girls.

    I really think that it’s tacky.

  • Maya

    ^^^^True, I never said that Beyonce didn’t gain it back, because she did. I just said that it worked for her, so Ashanti doing it shouldn’t be any different. Also, I think that the obsession with losing weight, being a certain size to appear a certain way will never change. Ever. Everytime you open a mag, turn on the tv, that’s what you see, unrealistic body types. People are going to do a quick fix method whether a celebrity is endorsing it or not, so they (celebs) shouldn’t be held TOTALLY responsible…

  • kim

    i soon as this movie flop she’ll be comforting her self with a bucket of kfc.weight back

  • donaldrobinson,baby(fashion lord and garden variety nutjob)

    those crappy starve yourself eating garbage would proably kill a fat boy like me with heart problems and diabetes. What the hell I am going to hell in a bucket so I might as well enjoy the ride.

  • keltharocka

    I’ve never been on an official diet but I do drink green tea with apple cider vinegar (helps you to feel fuller faster and helps keep your system clean).

    And have you noticed how the new diet pills like Alli cause anal leakage????? WTF!

  • DC Tap Water

    This is one of the most unhealthy ways of losing weight. I was 150 pounds back in 2000 and I lost 30 pounds. I gained 10 back and lost 10 earlier this year. Just minimize your food intake and go jogging 3-4 times a week. THAT works….this will KILL YOU if you take it out of proportion…We are normal people, not celebrities or health gurus, and we probably dont know what the hell we are doing…DONT DO THIS!!!

  • yes

    i think its a good idea, not just to lose weight but to rid ur body of toxins, its not a long term type of thing, but its like a fresh start, if u only need to lose a few pounds, if u want to keep it off you cant go right back to chili cheese fries and hot dogs of course you will gain all the weight back

    i think ppl just need to stay motivated because everyone looks for a quick fix and there is no such thing, you have to change all ur habits and thats hard to do, u just have to keep at it

    i agree with robin though, i dont think gastric bypass is a good idea unless u are severely overweight cuz everything changes, u cant eat the same and u are on pills the rest of ur life, i could see if overtime they would open ur stomach back up to its regular size piece by piece until u gain control of yourself

    anyway whenever u decide to diet or whatever u really should see a doctor because they can help u figure out what is best for you, thats y so many ppl dont see results because they do fad diets that dont work for their level of metabolism or their lifestyle

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com mrs. dwayne johnson

    Yeah, it works, but it’s not good for you. People pick on specific celebs for their low-calorie diets like Rihanna. Ashanti literally starved herself. I’d rather be eating 800 calories a day than maple syrup-lemon-pepper concoction with a fruit if the hunger pangs become too much.

  • http://www.maryjblige.com Mary J Blige

    She need to lay off the pancake mixture and fried dumplings thats all. Encouraging people to starve when there are Africans starving without choice. smh @ this madness. Ashanti needs to listen to my new single, Grown Woman (album in stores Nov 20)

    All my love,

    Mary xx

  • Londie

    Piston36 what does your comment have to do with anything?

    As long as she knows that she still has to excercise to maintain it. Beyonce wanted to gain her weight back, she was doing an interview where she stated guys would be ike where’s the old Beyonce with curves, so I guess that’s when she decided to eat the dozen Krispy Cremes. She probably could have kept it off if she wanted too. I’m going to try it

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