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The Oscar De La Hoya tranny controversy is not over. The stripper is coming out swinging and putting him on blast:

Speaking exclusively to the News of the World, topless dancer Milana Dravnel says the cross-dressing six-times world champion begged to be DOMINATED and has a FETISH for fishnets. She also reveals that Oscar, nicknamed the Golden Boy, insisted she called him GOLDIE during his bizarre bouts as a girlie. And he even posed in a TUTU.

Lifting the lid on their time together, Russian-born Milana purrs: “He loved to dress up in lingerie. He would strip down naked in front of me and try on outfits. He asked me to bring him clothes he could wear and loved the fishnet tights and wigs. “Once he borrowed my glitzy full length sash dress and pranced around the room singing in a woman’s voice, saying: ‘Ooooh, look at me’.

“But it was all about domination. He would say to me, ‘Please, put me down on my knees and pull my hair’. And he liked to be called Goldie—not Golden Boy. That’s what he told me.”

SMH at ‘Goldie’. Hit up News of The World to read her story.


  • Rilo


  • chantel


  • nahnah

    i told you it wasn’t photoshop. a lot of men have that nasty fetish. what a nutcase!

  • nahnah

    that stripper woman is trying to jumpstart her career by ruining his reputation. the things people would do for fame!

  • keltharocka

    mine eyez!!!!!

  • E

    Well, actually there was a problem about Oscar hanging out with 12-yo girls in East L.A. a while back but it never received press coverage.

    It’s not so much that he is into this kinky stuff but it’s the fact that he knowingly let himself be photographed by some prositute that he hardly knew.

    Does that mean he couldn’t give a damn if the public knew this about him? I kinda hope it is and it’s not that he’s just really stupid.

  • Amani

    Dam a good photoshop job if you ask me. lol

  • catfish

    Why this broad trying to ruin one of the few popular Latin role models?

  • La'shonda

    Don’t know why but I find these pictures quite attractive. Anyway he’s homo so whatever

  • chantel

    “Why this broad trying to ruin one of the few popular Latin role models?”

    No he ruined himself.

  • John

    there are some freaky people in this world

  • omg

    DAM his a freak

  • I Stay SMH

    LMAO at world changer

    And ummm and 15th

    Doesn’t sound any smarter huh

  • Fresh Face

    The pictures look photoshoped to me.

  • Roni

    I don’t believe this sh*t!

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