Dear Bossip: Me & My Boyfriend Are Expecting, But My Ex Is In The Picture And I Want Him Back

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Dear Bossip,

I need help. I met this guy maybe a two and a half years ago and fell deeply for him.
We did everything together, and everything was going great until we broke up some time last year after I found out about him still seeing his baby mama. Now, from the beginning I knew of her and their past, and I had no problem with being second to his children. But, I refuse to be second to some woman, so I left. But, now after some time apart, I still think of him almost every day and I’m still madly in love with him. I tried my best to avoid any contact with him because he hurt me. But, after some time apart I began to date a new guy and I’m not happy and want out, however, I found out that I’m currently pregnant. Now, here is where my problems come in, my ex keeps popping up in my life and I kind of wanna see if now we can make things work. What should I do? Confused Heart

Dear Ms. Confused Heart,

Woman, please have some dignity about yourself and stop man hopping! Jeez! I don’t understand you people and bouncing from man to man, and woman to woman. You’re bed hopping, having unprotected sex, and then y’all wonder why all these infectious diseases are rampant, along with the high pregnancy rates and single mothers raising children ALONE! You have no self-respect or dignity for your body or selves. Just laying there and letting every TOM, DICK, and HARRY lay on top of you and do his business. (Nut rags!)

Ma’am, you’re currently pregnant with your boyfriend’s child, but you want to reconnect with an ex that you broke up with because he was still sleeping with his baby momma. Sigh! Do you really want me to answer this? Do you really want to go there on this Fourth of July? Even on this Independence Day some of you don’t understand freedom, and celebrating new beginnings. You are determined to repeat your pasts, and stay bound to them all for some d**k! Just d**k-ma-tized tramps!

If you broke up with him because he was still sleeping with his baby momma, and in your own words you said, “I refuse to be second to some woman.” Then why would you return to a situation where his baby momma is, and will always be in the picture, aaaannnnnnnddddd, I can guarantee you that he is still sleeping with her! Are you that brain dead?

You see people, this is how your brain operates when it’s addicted to d**k, and you have no common sense, and, hell, you have no educational sense. Your coochie is connected to your heart, and your heart is connected to your brain. And, when you get some relatively good d**k, notice I said ‘relatively,’ then your brain goes haywire and you start doing and saying some stupid and dumb a** bull-ish and repeating old habits that you walked away from.

Chile, you really want to play yourself. You really want the world to see just how dumb and retarded you are. You’re pregnant with another man’s baby, but want to reconnect with an ex? SMDH! Does your current boyfriend know that you are not happy and that you want out? Does your current boyfriend have any idea that while you were laying up with him having unprotected sex that you were miserable, and just wanted him for his seed? Because I don’t know any reasonable and intelligent woman who will continue sleeping with a man she doesn’t want to be with and is unhappy with, not unless she wants a baby and doesn’t mind taking his seeds only for the purposes of becoming pregnant. Now, what do they call those types of women? (I’m sure you can figure it out).

I’m getting ready for a bar-b-que, so, therefore I’m going to tell you like this: Do not reconnect with your ex. It’s a reason he is an ex. You will only end up repeating the same drama you did with him before. It’s not worth it. Stop letting your coochie speak for your brain! His baby momma is not going anywhere. She will always, do you hear me, ALWAYS be in the picture. You will always, do you hear me, ALWAYS be the second woman. Nothing has changed. Why don’t you focus on your unborn child. Why don’t you focus on you and remaining healthy for your own sanity. Besides, you need to sit down with your boyfriend and talk with him, and if you’re going to end it, then end it. Stop playing with his emotions. He is invested in you and hopefully his child. But, perhaps if you communicate with him what you’re unhappy about, and maybe he will be willing to work on the relationship, and the two of you staying together as a family unit to raise the child. Yet, why do I know that you are not going to do that. You’ve already moved on, and pinning for your ex. So, uhm, yeah, good luck with that you second rate bird. – Terrance Dean

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