Making It Rain On Them Hoes Homes: Man Pays Off Mortgage With 800 Pounds Of Pennies

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Man Pays Off Mortgage With 800 Pounds Of Pennies

Think you’re a penny pincher? You have nothing on this dude.

A Massachusetts man’s notion to pay off his mortgage in pennies started out as a joke 35 years ago, then became an obsession and finally turned into a reality, The Milford Daily News reports.

In April, Thomas Daigle delivered two 400-pound boxes holding more than 62,000 pennies onto the steps of Milford Federal savings and Loan Association to make the last payment on the home he and his wife, Sandra, bought when they married in 1977.

Daigle tells the newspaper’s Derek McLean that he just wanted to make the last payment “memorable,” and began collecting an average of 2.5 pennies a day.

He carefully rolled them into packs of exactly 50 cents. Milford Federal, the newspaper reports, claims every roll was accurately counted.

Daigle says his wife didn’t know how many he’d saved over the years — she’d just laugh whenever he’d find a penny and tell her it was for the mortgage.

Somebody at the bank had a loooooong day at work. SMH.


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