Suge Knight Loses Mansion Along With Dignity

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Barrel headed Suga Bear just lost his mansion and the checks have really stopped coming in for him.

Suge Knight has just lost another asset. The former Death Row Records mogul’s Malibu mansion has reportedly been auctioned for $4.56 million through Bankruptcy Court, according to the Los Angeles Times. Knight estimated the mansion at $6.2 million just last year. The 8, 272 square-feet house was built seven years ago and has 9.5 bathrooms, a pool, a spa and mountain and ocean views. Knight has been a mainstay in the news as of late. As previously reported, he recently sued Kanye West over a Miami shooting in which he was wounded three years ago. Knight also accused cops of stealing his diamond studded earring in the shooting’s aftermath.

You can’t live off other peoples’ hard work your whole life. F*ck this fat headed thug, we hope he does not get a copper penny from Kanye either.



  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • da darkness

    in matter of a decade it all collapses. the fast money goes just like that…fast

  • Cee


  • Nina Knows

    I wonder how Michele’ feel about all of this.

  • Raquel26


    Hey…..another artist who lives beyond their means and cant afford to pay for it. Oh, well. Too bad for him.

  • Damn

    Damn Suge!!

    get cash today!!

  • Robert

    Karma is a motherf**ker!

  • hope4more

    Tupac would have probably gone more into movies
    with the encouragement from Quincy Jones. But, strange how he’s estate ended up so broke, he didn’t own any homes, cars, and didn’t have alot of money. Suge took eveything he could from one of the greatest rappers, now he is the broke one.

  • Man, I just don't care


    Deathrow Records


  • QMD

    That’s deep. – the EBay for Ballers!!!

  • snoop bloggy blog

    SUGE still owe me for my doggystle royalties! give me my mizzle my nizzle….lol

  • Anthony



    Suge aint been “RELEVANT” since 1996. so why is he still in the news like he IS? Yall might as well put MY business out there too. what yall wanna know?

  • YaYa

    LMAO @ FLORIDA! “Put MY business out there too. What ya’ll wanna know?”

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