Pure Comedy: What Would Kimmy Cakes And Kanye West Look Like If She Keeps Cooking Soul Food And They Become A Chubby Lumpkins Couple???


Make out your will before you click, because you’re gonna DIE laughing!

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West As Fat People

We recently saw a Twitpic of a soul food spread that Kimmy Cakes had whipped up for her boo-thang. Although many scoffed at the idea of Kim gettin’ busy in the kitchen, it got us to thinking about how her famous figure would look if she fed her man like this all the time, and well…

Kanye and Kim…Klump?? LMMFAO! It’s happened to the best of them, just ask Janet Jackson.

The couple that eats together, sweats grease together…

Image via Planet Hiltron

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