What is Wrong With This Picture???

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Can Bossipers help us out and tell us what is wrong with this picture??


  • really laughing out loud

    roflmao@the lucky charm cholo’s…roflmao

  • B-Nice

    Well, they look nice,their clothes are well coordinated.

  • ♥Ayita Loves Adam♥

    At least they’re out of the closet unlike most of these homo-Down Low Thugs and sissy rappers.

  • SG

    First ? What’s right with it ?

  • Moka19

    Ok what is the random Light Skinned man looking at in the back? SMH that’s funny but o so sad!!!!


    Evan Ross in the front and lil Fizz on the Left look cute.

  • beloved

    lol aint nothing right about that picture

  • Joe the Haitian

    They look like a gay Puerto Rican & Dominican break dancing squad.

  • Noiney

    What’s RIGHT with this pic??? OMG…they look like skinny Teletubbies…

    LMAO @ Puerto Rican and Dominican break dancing squad

  • Princess Moon

    sissy boys all over the place, thats whats wrong with this photo.

  • Oshie - freak ho freak ho Bounce ya ass let ya knees touch ya elbows (c) Master P, ref. Nikki Underwood 2008

    I’ve suddenly been overcome by the urge to go shopping for something fabulous.

  • Sent From Heaven

    Its the life size Telitubbies, and the baby grown up looking at their asses

  • huh

    …yeah, that man on the right lookin. Too funny. and LOL at “the lucky charm cholo’s” Too much

  • Lisa

    Its rare to see a bunch of latino homosexuals in a bunch like that!

  • We "Blacks" Are The Real Hebrew Israelites

    Lookin like a bag of FRUITY ass Skittles…

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