Put On Blast: A Picture Of Lil Wayne And His New Dancer Jawn “Princess Saralyn” In Post-Coital Bliss “Leaks” To The Net!

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A picture of Lil Wayne sleeping with dancer Saralyn leaks to the internet

Weezy F. Baby, and the “F” stands for “F***in with these hoes got me put out there”

A Picture Of Lil Wayne Sleeping Next To A Woman Leaks To The Internet

Apparently Lil Wayne is not mourning his break-up with swirly girlfriend Dhea, because a picture of him and his new jawn laying together half-dressed has somehow, magically, made it to the internet.

Once the picture “leaked”, Saralyn took to her Twitter page ASAP to do a lil’ damage control.

All that sounds good, but clearly Saralyn took the picture. So HOW would it have gotten out if she didn’t send it to someone in a sad attempt to look fly being the 999,000th woman to swap fluids with Dwayne Carter??? How many more people does this broad need before you believe her?

We already know that Wayne doesn’t like his ladies being involved with social-networks, let’s see how long “Princess Saralyn” lives in Weezy’s lap…

Fellas, would you hit it??

Image via Twitter

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