When The Checks Stop Coming In: Struggling Florida Motel Reopens As Clothes-Optional Resort

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Struggling Florida Motel Reopens As Clothes-Optional Resort

If you’re heading down to this Florida resort, feel free to pack light. No, we mean REALLY light.

COCOA BEACH, Fla. – Men and women lounge around the shimmering pool on sunny weekends at Fawlty Towers Resort here, chatting in beach chairs and soaking up rays in the buff.
After nearly going under as a struggling motel, Fawlty Towers reopened May 1 as a re-branded, clothing-optional resort. Now, manager David Broad says weekend business is brisk, and the no-clothes strategy has saved the 32-room facility from fiscal oblivion. It has also made it one of a growing number of resorts establishing nudist-friendly facilities as a way to weather the lingering economic downturn.

The American Association for Nude Recreation estimates that nude recreation has grown into a $440 million annual industry.
The changes are not without controversy. Two days after the grand re-opening of The Faulty Towers, the Cocoa Beach City Commission ordered research on whether the facility ran afoul of hotel, health, alcohol or public-nudity regulations.

Sounds like a bangin bare-backed time!


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