Hard Body Swirl: Terrell Owens Takes His Deadbeat Deltoids To The Beach To Ball With Bikini-Clad Banger Maria Menounos! [Photos]

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They’d make a nice couple, long as T.O. doesn’t knock her up…SMH

Terrell Owens And Maria Menounos Hit The Beach To Show Off Their Bodies

We know T.O. doesn’t mind dipping his unemployed spoon into several different flavors of ice cream, and Maria Menounos seems like the type of broad that is right up his alley!

Yesterday, the two went to Kia Beach in Malibu to catch some sun, play some ball, and work up a sweat for some cozy pics.

We know that Maria has been dating her current boyfriend for 14 YEARS, and she has recently said that she isn’t quite ready to tie the knot. Maybe she’s waiting it out for something a lil’ more chocolatey…

Check out the rest of the pics after the flip.

Images via SplashNews

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