Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Sports Illustrated Has Released A List Of The Top 50 Highest Paid American Atheles! Find Out Who Is The King Of The Gwapanese! [Pics]

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Run, Shoot, Catch, Swing, Hit, Jump, Sink all the way to the bank.

Sports Illustrated Lists The Top 50 Highest-Earning American Athletes

Sports Illustrated has done a lil' research and they know who's REALLY ridin' around and gettin' it, and who ain't got no money in the bank...
This year's list is unique for a couple more reasons. NBA players, who have historically claimed more spots in the Fortunate 50 than any other group, had their salaries slashed by nearly 20 percent this season because of the 66-game schedule brought on by the lockout of 2011. Our findings consisted solely of salary, winnings, bonuses, endorsements and appearance fees. We consulted players' associations, tour records, agents and news reports. Our endorsement estimates for 2012 came from Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing, other sports-marketing executives and analysts, and agents. Salary figures were based on current or most recently completed seasons (July 1 for the NFL, which is why Drew Brees, who just signed a $100 million deal last Friday, isn't on the list). For winnings-based sports (auto racing, golf, tennis), we used the 2011 calendar year. Boxing purses are from June 2011 through May 2012. Candidates for the U.S. 50 had to be American citizens and currently active in their sports.
Being that the list is so long, we're gonna bring you the top 15. There is a LOT of money in this convo... Hit the flipper to peep the list. Images via WENN/SplashNews/AP
Carmelo Anthony Salary: $14,907,450 Endorsements: $10,000,000 Total: $24,907,450
Dwight Howard Salary: $14,490,000 Endorsements: $11,000,000 Total: $25,490,000
Mario Williams Salary: $25,000,000 Endorsements: $500,000 Total: $25,500,000
Kevin Durant Salary: $14,000,000 Endorsements: $12,482,840 Total: $26,482,840
Larry Fitzgerald Salary: $26,250,000 Endorsements: $500,000 Total: $26,750,000
Derek Jeter Salary: $15,729,364 Endorsements:$12,000,000 Total: $27,729,364
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Salary/Winnings: $4,164,690 Endorsements: $24,000,000 Total: $28,164,690
Peyton Manning Salary: $18,000,000 Endorsements: $13,000,000 Total: $31,000,000
Alex Rodriguez Salary: $30,000,000 Endorsements: $3,500,000 Total: $33,500,000
LeBron James Salary: $12,880,000 Endorsements: $33,000,000 Total: $45,880,000
Kobe Bryant Salary: $20,286,000 Endorsements: $28,000,000 Total: $48,286,000
Tiger Woods Salary/Winnings: $1,940,238 Endorsements: $54,500,000 Total: $56,440,238 Sidebar: What the HELL kind of shirt is this ninja wearing?!?! SMH
Phil Mickelson Salary/Winnings: $3,763,488 Endorsements: $57,000,000 Total: $60,763,488
Floyd Mayweather: Salary/Winnings: $85,000,000 Endorsements: $0 Total: $85,000,000 It must be muhfuggin NICE to make all that money and not have to endorse a damn thing! Imagine how much gwap this ig'nant ninja would make if he was actually a likeable character? Ah well...

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