And Your Judges Are…10 People We Wouldn’t Mind Being The New American Idol Judges

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10 Possible American Idol Replacements

Here’s the dilemma: it seems like nobody wants to judge American Idol anymore. Simon Cowell left and everything fell apart. But have no fear, there are going to be replacements. While the people at American Idol are scrambling looking for new judges, we have a few suggestions that will help them out.

Adele – She’s a better singer than anyone we have here in the states, so why not bring her over? Imagine a cranky, pregnant Adele shaking her head at crappy Americans.

Kanye West – Imagine him screaming at all the people trying to sing while feeding grapes to Kimmy Cakes in the crowd. Epic.

Diddy – More hilarity. He knows something about singing, right? Didn’t you hear Last Train To Paris? Duh.

alicia keys

Alicia Keys – She’s perfect for the gig. As long as she keeps Swizz Beatz away.

John Legend Chrissy Teigen

John Legend – He actually has a ton of skill and can really offer something. Maybe he’s too good.


Elle Varner – Because, why not? Just let us look at her.

Janet Jackson covers Prevention Magazine

Janet Jackson – She’d be PERFECT. She’s not doing much doing much and would be the perfect voice.

Britney Spears – Let her swing an umbrella at someone who effs up.

Fantasia Barrino performing in Philadelphia, PA.

Fantasia – Imagine her having meltdowns every week while watching people sing. It’ll be the greatest thing ever.

Beyonce – She’s the queen of all music these days. They’d have to back the truck up but they’d love to have her.


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