Roids and Retirement

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A newly roided up Dr. Dre makes statements on working out and quitting the rap game.

On losing 50 pounds:

“That’s another of my obsessions. I go in the gym two to 2 1/2 hours Monday through Friday. It makes me feel better and look better. I feel like I can kick a brick wall down now.”

On Detox being his final solo project:

“I think it’s time to move on, I think rap is a young man’s game.”

Unlike with others (names I will not mention), I actually believe Dre when he says this will be his final rap project, and it ought to be. It seems like that “Detox” has been being recorded for the past eight years. Only time will tell.



  • afafas

    Dre’s gay…….

  • NextTopModel

    lol @ gay. his hands could use some lotion but i think overall roids are a good look for him

  • Mississippi Girl

    His abs almost looks fake! Like he has on one of those muscle suits on that shirt! I thought that when he came out on the VMA awards! I was like, what the hell does he have on under that shirt! It just doesnt look real to me! But that’s my opinion!

  • Lano

    He got “rap is a young mans game”from cube I remeber reading it.When he says he’s done with rap does that mean producing as well?

  • Reformed GammaRay

    roidy roidish rigarmarole.

  • beth

    most of the biggest rappers are in their thirties pushing up on that sad

  • Bruhmann

    He doesn’t look roided up to me. He just looks like he’s in shape from proper diet and exercise. Usually, ‘roids cause some excessive thicking in the face and neck.

  • jellydonot

    Yeah – but when you look at his balls, how they shrank, you start seeing the difference.

  • MYA


  • Heather

    He looks ashy

  • Bruhmann

    “Yeah – but when you look at his balls, how they shrank, you start seeing the difference.”–jellydonot


    When and how were you able to compare the current size of Dre’s balls to sometime in the past?

  • Marcia

    Dre looks good. Dropping the weight makes him look a lot healthier….Rap is different than singing, noone wants to see a 50-yr old rapper.

  • Just a thought...

    Exactly! I mean Patti LaBelle, B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder. Those cats can go on and on forever. Hell, even Led Zepelin is getting back together for a gig, and they are the ultimate rock gods.

    I think that the rappers of the past, Chuch D., maybe Jay, L.L., they can bust some lyrics at 40 and maybe 50. But these cats that are out now and cats that came out in the last 5 or 6 years, I highly doubt they will have that kind of longevity or talent.

    Dre will probably still produce. That’s in his blood.

  • daria

    If he’s working out 12 1/2 hours a week, he’s not using roids. That’s a LOT of exercise

  • bcan

    Dre takes his sweet time making albums..but when it drops you know it will be a banger! But he can smack & rub me down anyday! “It ain’t no fun if the homeys can’t have none!”

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