Who Would You Hit???: Taye Diggs and Tyrese

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Taye Diggs and Tyrese

Taye Diggs and Tyrese were at the Grand Opening of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills last night. Between a bow-tie-wearing actor and a crooner whose slacks are way too big, which one would you hit??

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  • Ermy Erm (Chitown til it go DOWN!)

    Tyrese all day :shock:

  • Vee-TGIF!!

    Tyrese-definitely. Constantly. In public-okay, well maybe not in public but DEFINITELY :-)

  • Talley-B

    taye diggs looks like one of the muslims that be on the road in full suits in 100 degree weather trying to sell you a newspaper….

  • Kay

    Taye Diggs!!!!! I like my men to have that educated looking swagger…..

  • The Real MS. T.

    Neither-they do nothing for me, they look good but not for me.

  • tboogie

    TYRESE. Taye Diggs is sooooooooooooooooooooo wack!

  • Triple T

    They both can get it.

    Tyrese can get it anywhere he wants it.

    Taye Diggs would have to bring something extra, like toys and whip cream to really get me going. He’s kinda on the lame side that takes the sex appeal away a little bit.

  • Tameka

    Tyrese. Then he could sing to me and we can drink coca-cola afterwards! I still remember that commercial. Boy got skills!


    you’re posing this question to what i assume will be alot of black women about one man that likes to beat his chicks (tyrese) and one man who doesnt like black women (taye). NEITHER



    Dania is a “solo artist” if you like high pitched screetching and “soul” music as bland as white people cooking .. then yea she’s a great songstress.


    @ Brooklyn

    my bad .. i retract my info about Dania .. i got her mixed up with Taye Diggs wife. They both lack personality and presence so it’s easy to confuse the two.

  • ATLBlogger

    TYRESE ALL THE WAY…But Taye Diggs looks nice as well, but he doesn’t top Tyrese. Now if this was Tyrese vs. Morris Chestnutt, that would be a hard one. :}


    Okay you chicken heads can have wack a&& Tyrese, who talks about himself in third person
    ^^ LOL and as of lately has begun referring to himself as “Black Ty”

  • BabyGurl

    Why does one dumb a$$ always have to take it too far?? In this case, two:
    the_one and I Got It Like That… folks cant answer a simple question. When asked which one would you hit, its purely for fun. Just because you don’t agree with the choices doesn’t mean you have to call folks chickenheads or get personal (corny vs wife-beater). WTF?? Were you there? Did you witness Taye Diggs’ corny behavior or see Tyrese hit his wife?? Alright then! STFU!! LOSERS

  • Paula

    Please, Tyrese hands down!

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